Bonde Johnson

Founder & Owner

Ronnie Walker

Director of Operations and Team Events

Daniel Buyeske

Director of Marketing

Eliza LaBelle

Junior Coach

Tamar Deletis

Hybrid Coordinator

Who We Are

Hybrid Cheer is an independent coed cheerleading gym that provides a platform for athletes, of all ages and skill levels, to experience, train, and develop collegiate level, coed cheerleading skills. Founded by Bonde Johnson, a former USA Weightlifting certified coach, competitive gymnast, and college cheerleader/coach, he and his team have a broad depth of knowledge and experience in the realm of exercise physiology and coed cheerleading that they intend to use to develop these athletes into the best they can be. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Hybrid Cheer is simple: provide the opportunity to all athletes to experience coed cheer, in its entirety, as early in their cheerleading careers as possible. We do this through an  organized, structured program based on biomechanics and technique. We provide practical knowledge to athletes and coaches about stunting technique, assessing movement, motor learning,  effective coaching, and programming training. Through this we hope to create more well-rounded, dynamic cheerleaders and sustainable programs/careers. We believe that a true "Hybrid" athlete encompasses the full gamut of cheerleading, not just stunting or tumbling.  

How We Do It

Hybrid Cheer is head quartered in Jacksonville, FL. Our facility is equipped with all components necessary to provide stunt privates, stunt classes, collegiate level tumbling, personal training, fitness classes, and more. For those who are not local, we conduct clinics across the country. We take the athletes through partner stunting, pyramids, baskets, and tumbling. Our clinics are fully staffed with male and female college, and former college, cheerleaders who have all proven to be both outstanding athletes and upstanding individuals. We've made a commitment to excellence in instruction and mentorship, and to listening to our athletes' goals and ambitions. We provide unique value by continuing to build and maintain strategic relationships within the cheerleading community so we can pass those connections on. We are constantly adding new dates in new locations! Complete a registration/waiver form to be notified when we will be at your local gym. We also host private clinics on request and will help connect athletes looking for private lessons with an instructor in their area! Please reach out to or call (863) 399-3521 with any inquiries.

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