At Hybrid Cheer we live and breath coed cheerleading. Many athletes lack experience and comfort when it comes to coed cheer for two main reasons:

1. They lack exposure
2. They lack a structured, technique based training program

Coed cheerleading can be likened to Olympic weightlifting in that at a fundamental level, the biomechanics and training methodology are very similar. Hybrid Cheer's founder, Bonde Johnson, a former USAW certified Olympic weightlifting coach and college cheerleader, approaches coed cheerleading in the same way he does Olympic weightlifting. Bonde put his head together with some of cheerleading's most skilled and well-respected athletes to create the Hybrid Cheer training program. This program focuses on the fundamentals of the movements tailored specifically to promote the development of coed cheerleading skills both for males and females that will transfer to all areas of the sport. Whether your team needs specific skills for competition or you'd like to provide the opportunity for your athletes to develop their skills for college—Hybrid Cheer will provide the best platform and instruction available.

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