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It is well established that strength and conditioning plays an essential role in the success of any elite level athlete, and those at the novice level. The beneifts of weight lifting as it relates to sport are plentiful. That is why at Hybrid we believe strongly in the implementation of strength and conditioning into our athletes training regmines. Gone are the days of stereotypical "conditioning" in cheer i.e. suicides, burpees, running in circles around the floor, etc.

Cheerleaders are uniquely dynamic athletes that require specific attention to the mechanically compromising positions of the sport. These athletes need more than something that gets their heart rate up. They need a methodical, structured program that is going to provide them with a foundation of strength necessary to safely and effectively pursue cheer to the fullest extent. 

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What we offer

  • Individual Athlete Programming
  • Team Programming
  • Distance Coaching
  • General Workout Plans


JEffrey Maisonet

Jeffrey Maisonet, Founder & Owner of Hybrid Athletix alongside Bonde Johnson. Jeff is currently pursuing a degree in exercise science, also known as the kinesiology program, at the University of North Florida. As a fitness enthusiast, Jeff has always been fascinated by the way the human body moves and functions during physical activity. With the goal of advancing his knowledge and skills in this field, Jeff is excited to announce that he will be taking his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam this upcoming summer. This certification will allow him to further his career in the health and fitness industry, and he cannot wait to see where this journey takes him.

Bonde Johnson

Bonde Johnson, Founder & Owner of Hybrid Cheer, runs Hybrid Athletix in partnership with Jeff Maisonet. Bonde holds his degree in Dietetics and as a former USA Weightlifting instructor, Certified CrossFit coach, has helped program and facilitate the training of collegiate level programs in multiple disciplines including Cheerleading, Swim & Dive, Football, and Baseball. He is excited to get to share his knowledge with the athletes of Hybrid Athletix and help provide them with the opportunity to pursue their goals to the fullest extent.

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