We are actively scheduling clinics for 2021 and 2022! Please submit your registration below to save time when clinic dates and stunt privates are posted. We are constantly updating our email list based on our registration submissions so you will be added upon registration and therefore never miss a launch date. You can find event details below the registration form. 



This 4-hour coed cheerleading clinic will include a mix of elite/collegiate level stunting, tumbling, pyramids, and baskets. We welcome all ages and skill levels. The athletes will be expected to be comfortable participating in the following activities:

- Coed toss stunts, walk-ins, and elites
- Standing and running tumbling on hard floor
- All-male basket tosses (straight rides, back tucks, layouts, full twisting layouts, etc.)
- Mid-layering and/or top-topping pyramids (shoulder stands, 2-2-1s, 1-1-1s, etc.)

*THERE ARE NO REQUIRED SKILLS, we only require willingness to learn and effort! Though we encourage the athletes to push their boundaries and attempt new skills, we prioritize safety over all else. We stress communication between flyer and base, tumbler and spotter, basket group and basket girl, etc. Our staff consists of top-tier, current and former, collegiate cheerleaders. They are all outstanding athletes and upstanding individuals. With a mix of male and female staff, we are able to provide coaching from a variety of viewpoints and experiences. Please fill out the registration/waiver form above with the purchase of your ticket. 

*Any athlete without the above registration/waiver completed prior to the start of the event will be denied the ability to participate.

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