An in-person, introductory course on the fundamental principles and movements of cheerleading.


From our founder: Bonde Johnson 

Hello and welcome to Hybrid Cheer! We started in 2021 with the goal of educating athletes in the realm of health, wellness, and a very misunderstood sport: Cheerleading.

After years in competitive sport from football, baseball, and lacrosse, to gymnastics, Ju-Jitsu, and Olympic Weight lifting—sport has shaped me, both mentally and physically, into the person I am today. The most challenging of them all? Cheerleading. Cheerleading can be such a great medium for athletes to develop if given proper direction and guidance. Sport is so much more than a sport to athletes in the life lessons they are taught during their time spent training and competing. 

There's no substitute to discipline, good work ethic, and good character. We put this into each training session and instill these values in our coaches and athletes. Whether you're looking to attend an event, host an event, or just stopping by, we hope to have the opportunity to connect.

Welcome to the Hybrid family!

~ Bonde Johnson


Our mission at Hybrid Cheer is simple—provide a platform of quality coaching that operates on the core training principles:

1. Specificity

2. Individualization

3. Progression

4. Consistency

5. Overload (S&C)

We do this through an  organized, structured program based on biomechanics and technique. We provide practical knowledge to athletes and coaches about stunting technique, assessing movement, motor learning,  effective coaching, and programming training. Through this we hope to create more well-rounded, dynamic cheerleaders and sustainable programs/careers. We believe that a true "Hybrid" athlete encompasses the full gamut of cheerleading physically and mentally, not just the ability to stunt or tumble.  


1-on-1 sessions with Hybrid coach allow for the coach to identify specific weaknesses i.e. muscle imbalances, limited mobility, technical errors, etc. and focus their training on targeting those areas. 


Our class sizes are kept smaller to allow for adequate attention to each athlete. This style of training is more focused on drill stations, testing the application of drills, and periodic direct work with the coach depending on skill and class type.


Our programs provide a full-time training option for athletes that would like to add a supplement to their all-star, school, or cross-over career, or, make their training their one and only focus. With various tracks available depending on age, experience, skill level, and goals, we encourage you to inquire with your local Hybrid affiliate to determine which program is right for you!

Not local? Not a problem! We host various events across the country. If you're interested in attending or hosting an event, please check out our events page!